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I thought I could live without a breast after my mastectomy and Chemotherapy, but at 44 years old and newly married just a few years, I could not bring myself to undress in front of mirrors and feel comfortable in my chest area during intimacy. I found Dr. Rosenberg through research and asked about the DIEP Flap. I met with Dr. Rosenberg and I was so glad I was a candidate for this procedure. The surgery, recovery, and normal post op pain & inconveniences were well worth going through this procedure. Dr. Rosenberg and his staff are the most dedicated, honest, and caring people I have met throughout my cancer treatment journey. I now have a 98% return to a normal looking and feeling life, the other 2% is up to me and my weight management. I have, and will continue to recommend Dr. Rosenberg and his staff to people needing or wanting the services he provides.

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