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Breast reconstruction using the Latissimus dorsi flap provides another option for women seeking reconstruction following mastectomy. This flap utilizes skin and muscle from the back and is most often combined with breast implants to create a breast mound and replace the skin missing from the mastectomy surgery.

Like the other types of reconstruction described, the Latissimus flap can be used for both immediate and delayed reconstruction. In patients who have been treated with radiation therapy, the excellent blood supply that accompanies this flap reduces the implant-related complications seen in patients who are reconstructed with implants alone.

Operative time is approximately 1 1/2 hours. The procedure may be done as an outpatient surgery although sometimes a 1 night hospital stay is indicated.

Dr. Rosenberg prefers to use this flap primarily as a secondary procedure for patients who do not have sufficient abdominal tissue for an autologous reconstruction or who have failed previous attempts at reconstruction using abdominal or gluteal tissue.

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