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Started by Dr. Rosenberg and his team in 2005, Survive and Thrive is an annual party hosted in honor of our patients. It has been our hope that our patients not only survive breast cancer, but they thrive through the process of treatment and reconstruction, returning to the things that they love to do, and in many examples, that they go on to do new and exciting things they had not done before their breast cancer diagnosis.

This party provides an opportunity for breast cancer survivors and their families to come to know other amazing women who have walked a similar path. Indeed, no one is alone on their journey through breast cancer treatment and reconstruction. These events have helped to foster and grow new friendships that have gone on to last much longer than the diagnosis that brought us all together.

Survive and Thrive is a showcase for our amazing patient volunteers to share their results and their stories with other women who are facing decisions about breast cancer reconstruction.

And finally, Survive and Thrive is a way for us all to say “thank you” to the patients, their families, our doctors and nurses, for the help that we have received from one another along the way. Please join us for our annual event to celebrate our patients and the work we get to do for them throughout the year.

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