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Why You Shouldn’t Wait To Get Explant Surgery

Why You Shouldn’t Wait To Get Explant Surgery

Breast Explant Surgery Without the Wait

Breast augmentation may help improve the shape, size, and symmetry of your breasts, as well as provide a boost to your self-esteem. Furthermore, breast implants are now made of materials that are generally biocompatible with the human body and have a very low risk of causing complications. However, as with any procedure, breast augmentation carries certain risks. If you think your breast implants may be causing you health problems, or you simply want them out for cosmetic or personal reasons, explant surgery may be the best option for you. 

Jason J. Rosenberg, MD, a microsurgeon specializing in breast surgery, is able to provide breast explant surgery without the long wait of other practices. With shorter wait times and convenient scheduling, we aim to make explant surgery as easy and stress-free as possible.

What is Explant Surgery?

Explant surgery, also sometimes called implant removal surgery, is a procedure that removes breast implants and the surrounding capsules. After receiving breast implants, the body creates a capsule of scar tissue around the implant. This is a natural reaction and happens with any foreign object in the body, including a pacemaker, knee replacement, or hip replacement.

The explant procedure may be done through a total capsulectomy or an en-bloc capsulectomy. It is also worth noting that breast implants are not lifetime devices and will eventually need to be removed or replaced. Regular screenings and check-ups may help determine when it is time to remove or replace your implants.

En-bloc Capsulectomy

An en-bloc capsulectomy is a type of procedure that aims to remove the entire scar tissue capsule and implant, as one unit. This is often the preferred explant method because it provides the best chance for a complete explant and is ideal for healing and tissue recovery.  Depending on the thickness of the capsule, it is not always possible to achieve an en bloc resection.  Dr. Rosenberg has many years of explant experience and microsurgical training, which enables him to offer the best chance for an en bloc resection.  

Total Capsulectomy

An en-bloc capsulectomy is not always possible. In some cases, when the scar tissue capsules are very thin or have fused to other tissues, a total capsulectomy may be necessary. This involves removing the implants and scar tissue capsules in separate sections.

When to Consider a Breast Explant Surgery

There are many reasons why you may want to consider explant surgery, both cosmetic and medical. For example, some women elect to have the explant procedure because they are unhappy with the appearance of their breast implants. Others choose to remove their implants for medical reasons such as breast implant illness (BII), or out of concern for capsule associated cancers.


BII is a group of symptoms that may occur after receiving breast implants. Some women notice symptoms of BII immediately after breast augmentation surgery, while others do not experience any issues until years later. Common symptoms of BII include brain fog, hair loss, weight gain, changes in libido, and allergic reactions. Explant surgery may help to alleviate these symptoms and improve your quality of life.

Other potential complications that may indicate the need for explant surgery include:

  • Capsular contracture
  • Ruptured implants
  • Trouble breast-feeding
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Breast pain
  • Implant deflation
  • Changes in breast shape or size
  • Lymphedema
  • Nipple and breast sensation changes

These are just a few of the reasons why removing your breast implants may be necessary. If you are experiencing any of the above issues, it is imperative to talk to your doctor to determine if your implants may be the cause. If so, explant surgery may be the best course of treatment.

Why Waiting to Get Explant Surgery May Be Detrimental

Holding off on your explant procedure may not be the best decision for your health. The longer you wait to remove your implants, the greater your risk of developing additional complications. Even if you are unsure whether your implants are the underlying cause of your problems, getting them checked by a qualified explant surgeon is a good idea. Several breast implant complications are life-threatening and are only treatable by explant surgery. Therefore, it is important to get your explant procedure done as soon as possible to improve your chances of a successful outcome and complete recovery.

Breast Explant Surgery On Your Schedule

Most explant providers have long waitlists, sometimes as long as a year. This may be very frustrating, especially if you are dealing with breast implant complications and want relief as soon as possible. Jason J. Rosenberg, MD, at The Orthopaedic Institute, understands the importance of explant surgery and prioritizes his patients’ outcomes by making his services readily available.

If you are experiencing breast implant complications, rather than waiting months or even years to get treatment, contact Dr. Rosenberg today. He will work with you to get you on his schedule as soon as possible so you can start feeling better sooner.

Schedule Your Breast Explant Procedure with Dr. Rosenberg

Dr. Rosenberg and his team understand how significant explant surgery can be for our patients. By offering more accessible explant services, we hope to prevent any difficulties that may arise from delaying treatment. Dr. Rosenberg is dedicated to providing the best possible outcome and will work with you to ensure a seamless explant experience. Contact us today to learn more about explant surgery or to schedule an appointment.

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